To be an effective and inclusive organisation, you need everyone to be involved and to work together in a positive relationship. 

As a result of the depth and breadth of my work across the heritage and cultural sectors, I have identified common problems and challenges.  Consequently, I developed a series of workshops specifically to help you achieve strong leadership, and effective governance and implement suitable Change programmes to help you thrive. 

I also create Away Days for boards, staff and volunteers not only for strategic planning but also for the freedom to discuss where the museum could go, what the alternatives are and what you need to do to get to where you want to go.

My workshops are proven to stimulate, stretch and inspire you, but to be enjoyable too.  They are also a key ingredient in an Organisational Development Plan which I can create with you to support you in modernising your decision-making and moving towards a more collaborative, inclusive and effective museum/organisation. 

My workshops and development planning can form a framework for you to introduce change in order to move towards lasting resilience.  With my support, you will be able to lead your museum to success.  If you don’t see exactly what you require, remember that all workshops are tailored to your specific needs so they would fit you perfectly. 

These workshops are all designed to be one-day workshops, but as they are bespoke, they can be adapted if you wish to combine elements from two of them.

Coaching and mentoring underpin and complement these workshops.


Effective Leadership

Change Management

Trustee Succession Planning 

Developing an effective Board of Trustees

Find your Mission, Vision & Values: do you really know where you’re going?

Become Collaborative and Inclusive

Details of these workshops are in my brochure available to download below.

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Wordie House © UKAHT photo Rick Atkinson

Thanks so much for today, really, really helpful and for your excellent and wise advice.
It’s great to have you as a sounding board.

Camilla Nichol
UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

Wordie House © UKAHT photographer Ylva Grams

Banner Photo – Ochre horse display at Creswell Crags, courtesy of Creswell Heritage Trust.