If you are to recover from the pandemic setbacks, you need everyone to be involved and to work together in a positive relationship.

As a result of the depth and breadth of my work across the heritage and cultural sectors, I have identified common problems and challenges and have developed a series of workshops specifically to help you achieve strong leadership, effective governance and recover from the pandemic in order to build lasting resilience.  

My workshops crucially involve everyone in the organisation.  These workshops aren’t boring, traditional training courses but are participative and involving. 

I make a safe but creative environment, and design scenarios which opens people’s eyes to new possibilities.  These exercises give perspective on your organisation and on individual roles within it, giving you space to breathe and a completely different view of your day-to-day working lives, and the solutions needed to build a stronger organisation. 


♦ Trustee Succession Planning
♦ Developing an effective Board of Trustees
What should a Board actually do?
          – how to stop Trustees running the museum!

How to be an effective Leader
          in these challenging times
Change management:
          how to achieve change and take people with you
Find your Mission, Vision & Values:
          do you really know where you’re going?

Coaching and Mentoring skills

Details of these workshops are in my brochure available to download below.

Wordie House © UKAHT photo Rick Atkinson

Thanks so much for today, really, really helpful and for your excellent and wise advice.
It’s great to have you as a sounding board.

Camilla Nichol
UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

Wordie House © UKAHT photographer Ylva Grams

Some workshops are off the peg so you can mix ’n’ match to ensure a perfect fit.   If the problem you need to address is not listed here, then I can create a workshop specifically to help you, and tailored to your particular needs.   Each one is half a day in length so two can be taken for a full day if you wish.

These workshops are complemented by my coaching, mentoring and other support sessions and can also support you if you are working towards Museums Accreditation or are using the AIM Hallmarks.

I know that the Trustees very much
valued their sessions with you.
I think these were important steps along the way
to getting a new Chair
and having a different outlook generally.
Thank you.

Rosemary Annable
Belper North Mill Trust

You’re the angel on my shoulder.
I’m always thinking, how will that sound when I talk to Hilary?

 Senior Museum Director
and coaching client

Banner Photo – Ochre horse display at Creswell Crags, courtesy of Creswell Heritage Trust.