Managing Change in
Museums & Galleries –
a practical guide


With Piotr Bienkowski, I am the co-author of
“Managing Change in Museums & Galleries –
a practical guide”,
to be published in spring 2021 by Routledge.


See News page for pre-publication extracts.



Chris Lawton, Unsplash

Before we talk about direction, let’s spend a minute on vision and mission.

Governance & Change

As a result of my wide experience across the heritage sector, I have identified common problems and challenges and as a result, I have developed a series of workshops specifically to help you to achieve strong leadership, effective governance and build lasting resilience, supporting you to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.  The brochure also has stories about some of the museums I have helped.

Hilary’s Handy Guides 


I produce Handy Guides regularly on different topics.  There are four here


  • Twelve Top Tips to guide you through Change
  • How do you know if you’re good?
  • Ten Truths I wish I’d known before I started running a Museum
  • What is needed to create a successful trust? a checklist for local authorities

AIM Guides for Boards


As part of its Hallmarks programme, AIM has published a series of guides for Boards.  They  commissioned me to write Successful Away Days for boards of museums and heritage organisations

I  thoroughly enjoying working with Hilary.

Her great experience of different forms of governance,

as well as her calm approach, proved invaluable

as the Museum’s Board evolved.

Richard Davies, Curator

Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh

A Zulu shield surrounded by Assegai spears  © Regimental Museum

Banner Photo – Weald & Downland Museum