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We worked with Hilary as part of our AIM Grant.  Hilary was great to work with and immediately identified some key issues with the charity’s structure and skillset.  Her focus on pragmatic structured solutions to solve the identified problems helped map out the road to overcoming them.  Our time with Hilary was very constructive, well spent and has put us on a more resilient path.

Ian Walker, then Chairman
Historic Croydon Airport

I can support you to build or improve your resilience so you can weather setbacks more effectively.  I tailor this support to suit your situation. 

I would approach my work with you as one of capacity building, not coming in then going away again, taking all my knowledge with me.  Most consultancy is ‘expert’ where someone gives you the answers, but the best consultancy is what I practise which is capacity-building consultancy. This helps you to understand, learn, and think things through for yourselves while being guided and supported by me, so building both the individual’s and the organisation’s capacities.

The sector did not recover from the pandemic before being buffeted by price rises and high inflation alongside the impact of international tensions; working with me in this way could prove an effective path  to ensuring lasting benefit to your organisation as it will give you tools to be able to build resilience. 

I also add my personal knowledge from other clients or situations to inform decisions and ensure you are aware of best practice. This method ensures the whole organisation can grow. This rich mix of coaching and bespoke support involves everyone in the organisation so also helping to bridge any gaps (e.g. between the Board and staff or Trustees and volunteers); this is essential if you are to thrive in the future.

I understand from personal experience the importance of good governance and the role of a Trustee: because of my extensive experience, I was invited to join the Board of the Egypt Exploration Society from the autumn of 2023.  I was a Trustee of Bletchley Park for over 10 years during a time of major developments at this wonderful WWII site. 

Although I often work on a project on my own, when required I can call on a wide range of specialist expertise in other fields.  See the Associates page for some of these.

 RSC Swan Theatre

Banner Photo – Croydon Historic Airport Terminal