Hilary McGowan

T: 01934 811955

E: hilary.a.mcgowan@gmail.com


worked successfully with
over 193 organisations

over 30 years practical experience


“Hilary is fantastically knowledgeable
about museums, their problems
and how to solve them”
Tony Butler, Executive Director
Derby Museums Trust

I am the co-author with Piotr Bienkowski of a new book “Managing Change in Museums & Galleries – a practical guide”, published in spring 2021 by Routledge. See the News page for extracts.


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to see how I can help you to build Resilience and for examples of how I have supported a range of different museums.

I work with museums, heritage and cultural organisations to help them to stand on their own two feet, be strong and change so they can thrive in the future.  I specialise in workshops to facilitate change, improve leadership & governance,
and build resilience.

 I’m known for my pragmatic approach, innovative solutions, and being brilliant value for money.  My mission is to is leave you feeling
positive and resilient.

This website gives you information about me, my work as a consultant in museums, heritage and culture, and what current and past clients think about me.

If you commission me, then you get me.  I do not employ juniors or assistants but if you need a larger team with skills in other fields then I can tailor a bespoke team for you too using people I have worked with before and whom I can recommend.  See the Associates page for more on this. 

See the Recovery page for more on what I do.

As one of the UK’s leading consultants working in the cultural sector, I have great depth and breadth of experience in managing, developing and leading organisations through changing times.  Now a specialist in governance and building organisational and personal resilience, I can support you as we seek to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic through customised workshops, coaching, mentoring and a range of tailor-made support.  My clients find my bespoke workshops incredibly valuable, stimulating, and fun.  Read my brochure here  for examples of how I have supported a range of different museums.

Key skills

  • the “go to” consultant for governance and change management
  • innovative thinking
  • pragmatic and imaginative solutions to recover and build resilience
  • great value for money
  • passion and enthusiasm for culture and museums
  • combining this with management experience and business sense
  • coaching, mentoring and organisational change skills
  • a national perspective as working throughout the UK with a broad range of types and sizes of organisation

Hilary’s brick in re-constructed blast wall round Hut 8 at Bletchley Park

Banner Photo - Creswell Crags Museum - 2009, courtesy of Creswell Heritage Trust.