Coaching is helping you get to where you want to be

and enjoying the journey

Coaching is very powerful.  It helps you get to where you want to be and supports people in organisations to work together more effectively.  If you are to recover from the setback of the pandemic, then it is essential that all your team, whether staff or volunteers or a mix of both, work together.  Coaching helps individuals both personally and professionally.  It helps you to feel more positive about your life and work.

Hilary in Will Shakespeare’s study, New Place Garden

You’re the angel on my shoulder.
I’m always thinking, how will that sound when I talk to Hilary?

 Senior Museum Director
and coaching client

I was the first sector champion of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) when I chaired the Museums Association’s Professional Development Committee.  We launched the CPD-based Associate scheme which has been a huge success.  Professional Development is a powerful tool and the perfect complement to coaching. 

“The impact of coaching has been life-changing.
The whole experience has been empowering.”

 Senior Museum Director
National Museum

As a Coach, I can bring clarity to your ideas and ambitions, will work with you so you discover answers for yourself, and provide support, reflection and focus, helping you to get to where you want to go, as both an individual or as an organisation.

I use coaching with individuals and groups or leadership teams (both employees and volunteers), or with Task & Finish groups who may be steering your Change Programme.  I incorporate coaching into the development programmes I create and facilitate.  My extensive corporate experience, leading organisations for over 20 years, enables me to tailor a package which will meet your needs exactly.

I want to say a huge thank you for your coaching.  I really appreciated it; I hope that I did you proud when I put your coaching into practice yesterday. 

I know I still need more practise, but I did feel a lot more confident than on previous occasions! Thank you again.  

Senior Manager in a cultural organisation

Hats of guests at Bletchley Park during the visit of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Banner Photo – G.B. Walmersly (detail)