“I like your style.”

Alwyn Jones
Conservation Architect

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The Old Surgery
Oldmixon Manor
BS24 9PB

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“Hilary always listens. Her advice is underpinned by her years of senior management experience so it is both practical and appropriate.  
She is a ‘critical friend’ who sees the issues, understands the tensions and delivers her advice with both understanding and humour.”

Maggie Appleton, Chief Executive,
Luton Cultural Services Trust

“You’re the angel on my shoulder. 
I’m always thinking, how will that sound when I talk to Hilary?”

senior museum director and coaching client

“Your work with the Museum has created so much energy. 
They were all going in different directions
but now they are really energised!”

Carol Anderson,
Oxfordshire County Council,
curatorial advisor to a client

"Many thanks for all your work on the report. I think you got a really good handle on a complex situation, where our limitations are and what is practical for the future. Thank you once again."
Susan Dalloe
Denbighsire County Council

“This looks and reads fantastic! There is no way that I could
have written this. Thanks for all your help – invaluable at a time
when we just don’t have the time!”

Jon Watkins, South West Regional Manager,
Royal Institute of British Architects

I am really impressed with the report. I don’t think I have read anything by any consultant ever that was
as clear or as well written.”

Marilyn Lewis, Head of Cultural Services
Shropshire County Council
now Chief Executive of Cadw

“Your innovative ideas are tempered with pragmatism.”

Neil Jacques, Cultural Services Officer,
North Lincolnshire Council

“Your report was informed, practical, efficient and insightful. 
It was an invaluable starting point for re-thinking the future of Fulham Palace.”

Dr Scott Cooper, Director
Fulham Palace

You brought a fresh eye and great clarity to the project;
it was really helpful to work with someone of your experience.”

Sarah Levitt, Head of Museums & Heritage
Leicester City Council

“I much appreciated your thoughtful, pragmatic report.”

William Weston, then General Manager,
Royal Shakespeare Company

“You gained a good grasp of the key issues and made several delicately-phrased challenges in a robust yet sensitive way.”

David Allen, Libraries & Heritage Manager
Swindon Borough Council

“Thank you for the professionalism and depth of understanding
with which you have obviously studied our situation.”

Maurice Wilmot, Chairman
Classic Boat Museum

“Your report made challenging reading but has clearly stated what we need to do. Thank you; now we just need to do it!”

Martyn Brown, Head of Heritage Services
Oxfordshire County Council

 “Many thanks for the report and the way you undertook the work.”

John Patten, Treasurer,
Malton Museum Foundation, North Yorkshire

“On behalf of the County Council, I would like to thank you
and your team for the excellent hard work put in on this.
I have been most impressed all along.”

Neil Forrest, Assistant Director, Environmental Services,
Derbyshire County Council
and advisor to Creswell Heritage Trust

“Your business plan is good and will be a persuasive document.”

Judith Martin, Secretary,
Industrial Buildings Preservation Trust

“You worked to a tight timetable;the report acted as a catalyst
between the museum trustees and the local authority.”

Jane Peirson Jones, Council of Museums of Wales

“We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Mike Godwin, East Riding of Yorkshire Council,
after the £3m success of the HLF bid I wrote