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With thanks to The Coaching Academy for these definitions and for support while undertaking their Diplomas in Personal Performance and Executive & Corporate Leadership Coaching.

























What is coaching?

  • Coaching is helping you get to where you want to be and enjoying the journey.
  • Coaching helps individuals both personally and professionally. It helps you feel more positive about your life.
  • Coaching helps management and project teams to work together more effectively.
  • Coaching helps organisations to work more efficiently.

A Coach can bring clarity to your ideas and ambitions, will work with you so you discover answers for yourself, and provide support, reflection and focus, helping you to get to where you want to go, in your work or in your life generally. A Coach does not need detailed experience of your particular situation but can stand back and dispassionately see how to help you onto your chosen path.

I offer coaching to both individuals and groups or management teams (both employees and volunteers). I have successfully created and facilitated development programmes for many organisations and individuals and incorporate coaching into these. My extensive corporate experience, leading organisations for over 20 years, enables me to tailor a package which will meet your needs exactly.


A Mentor will guide and support you, drawing on their own significant experience in the same or a similar field, using their knowledge and contacts. Mentors needs specific experience of your work area in order to help you.

I have considerable mentoring experience from formal mentoring participants on the UEA Leadership course and the AMA (all candidates successfully achieved their AMA first time) to more informal support for peers and colleagues.

What my coaching clients say

“The impact of coaching has been life changing.
The whole experience has been empowering.”
senior museum professional

“You’re the angel on my shoulder. 
I’m always thinking, how will that sound when I talk to Hilary?
senior museum director

“What I soon realised, something very simple,
was how interlinked your personal and work life are. 
Hilary helped me unpack this and to discuss
both in relation to each other.”
senior manager in a national museum

“Hilary was supportive and encouraging – just what I needed!”
senior manager of a cultural organisation

“Hilary’s coaching came at a critical time for me.  I had
stepped up to work in both a more senior and a broader
role as the acting Chief Executive.  My sessions gave me time
to think and a wise colleague to probe and prompt me further
in my deliberations, encouraging me to set practical goals
to address the big issues I was facing.  I would fully recommend
both Hilary in particular and coaching in general.”    
Chief Executive of a cultural organisation